About me…


Welcome. Let me introduce myself (yes, that’s me in the picture).

Hi. My name is Nancy, and I wish to help take care of your hair. I love knowing that people are feeling their best, and for most people in our community, it starts with beautiful hair. The damages that I see people do to their hair are preventable. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to do that due to lack of knowledge or lack of time, which has propelled me to start this business. My focus would be getting to the “root” of the problem by catering to anyone who needs assistance with his or her hair. Along with my passion for healthy hair, I wish to bring natural hair care to your world.

My story begins in 2007 when I noticed my hair falling out after giving birth to my daughter in 2006. Having dealt with post-partum, my hair took a backseat, and suffered immensely over the following year. Now, I must mention that I have had natural hair since birth. Although it wasn’t always healthy, seeing my hair in such horrible shape was not helping my emotional situation.

My trigger was remembering how long my hair was when my mother took care of it. Our hair was so healthy and retained lots of length. It seemed she had the “green thumb” for hair. Mom lovingly took care of our hair. Unfortunately, I didn’t always take into consideration the knowledge my mother was passing on to me when she was doing my hair. Fortunately, those techniques she used stayed with me, and despite the number of years since they were practiced, I’m happy I remembered. For the next two years (2008-2009), at a time when my hair was in great need of tender loving care, I decided to do something about it and work towards restoring the health of my hair. Starting with online research, I took notes about what was relevant within the natural hair community. I then learned about good and bad ingredients, studied different hair textures, and how each of them responded to different products, and with the help of a few hair products and videos while being my own guinea pig, so to speak, I rediscovered healthy beautiful hair. Documenting my hair growth was a great part of my journey. Over time, I was getting so many compliments on the length of my hair, that by end of 2009, I had clients seeking my services. Fast forward to the present, the results have become a true testament with the clients.

You may ask, what is different about forevanaturalhair? It is a combination of techniques, passion, and a determination that brings promising results. I cater to those who simply wish to have someone to help take care of their hair.

Hopefully you have enjoyed your stay, and looking forward to seeing you soon.

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