I am so stressed right now, or i should say, I am feeling quite overwhelmed at the moment.

Ok, maybe let’s recap (in no order whatsoever):

– I have “created” a product that will help clients with their hair problems

– I have registered a business name

– A logo and a label has been created for me

– Spoken randomly to people about said product

– Selected a couple of people who I feel will benefit from said product

– Put recipe together, tested texture, consistency, and result on my household

– Sent out samples to selected clients

– Received very positive feedback

– Got requests to have products sold in salons

Now you would think, Oh wow, That’s great. But still, I feel something is missing.

As if continuing this process will result in extreme failure, and I don’t think I can emotionally handle that right now.

However, there are some things I wish to do, but my perfectionism is surfacing again, and no matter how many times I try to push past it, I am still feeling as though it is not good enough.

It is though!!! It is good enough. People like the product, they were happy with the results, and they are asking for more info about it.

They want more, so why am I not giving it to them?

What if they are just saying that to be nice? And because it was free?

What if ……What if??


You can do it. I know you can. Just go ahead, stop over thinking, and just GO!!!!!


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