Day 12 – 30 poems in 30 days

This month is National Poetry Writing Month, and it has been brought to my attention by WordPress that this would be an excellent opportunity for us to express ourselves. Everyday, for the entire month, we write a creative piece as homage to poetry. So, I’ve decided to take on this challenge and, it has been years since I wrote anything, so this should be interesting. Obviously, I missed 2 days, but that’s ok. There’s still the rest of the month. Wish me luck!

Day 11


You only live once
Is what I’m hearing now
Being told over and over
You only live once
Throughout media
Wherever you look
You only live once
As if we had two or more
And now things are different
You only live once
Time did not stand still
Just in case someone forgot
You only live once
Be aware and be prepared
That way you won’t miss out
On life instead of death
You only live once
Well, duh!
The rule of life didn’t change
Why did this needed to be said?



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