Day 11 – 30 poems in 30 days

This month is National Poetry Writing Month, and it has been brought to my attention by WordPress that this would be an excellent opportunity for us to express ourselves. Everyday, for the entire month, we write a creative piece as homage to poetry. So, I’ve decided to take on this challenge and, it has been years since I wrote anything, so this should be interesting. Obviously, I missed 2 days, but that’s ok. There’s still the rest of the month. Wish me luck!

Day 10


Ignorance has such a fine line

It can either be subtle or plain in your face

Nothing is ever right when it comes out

For the person being ignorant

Is blinded by the absurdity of their words

Most times you are tempted to be ignorant in return

Cause we want to set the person right

We want to yell and scream to prove them wrong

Unfortunately, that would make matters worse

So, what do you do when ignorance is presented to you?

Well today, I simply walked away!!!



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