Class is in session, part 1

*this post is super late, and although it is better late than never, fear and procrastination are an ugly combination. Or better yet, perfection can be crippling to your success. Well, let us move on…*

I decided to stop working in the beginning of 2013, and focus on turning my passion into a business. As always, an opportunity opened itself just when I needed some answers.

Seeing that I can’t deal with winter (another topic for another time), I knew I had to find something where I didn’t have to leave my house, or at least, limit my time outdoors. God knows how that struggle is real for me.

Well, along came Launch Yourself, an online course helping women turn their hobbies into a business. It was a step by step guide on what, when, where, why, and how to do it, all directed by Rosetta Thurman, great blogger of HappyBlackWoman. Her course was sent just in time. It was an opportunity I simply could not miss. Having read her blog for years, I knew the caliber of work she would present us, and I was so excited. I knew that I would be getting amazing information to help me get out of this “blockage”. So I registered, followed instructions, delivered what was expected of me, and completed the course, somewhat. Sigh. Let me explain….

The course was conducted once a week for a period of four weeks. We were a group of over 25 women who were all eager to launch ourselves into a new life. Each week, we logged on to the conference call, listened to her insightful class, took extensive notes along with the guides she prepared for us, and left with homework to be completed by the following week. Easy, right?

As you would know, it started with introductions, then we talked about building our brand, and answering questions that would narrow down our intent for our business. It seems clear to me what I wanted to do. It was hair care, and there was no confusion regarding that. Although my homework was too broad in subject at first, completing it was pretty easy for me.

Then it continued in answering the why, what, and how to create your website. She had us describe what our business was about as well as write a bio explaining our history. That part was a bit harder for me seeing that revealing such personal things publicly made me quite uncomfortable. Nevertheless, I was determined to complete this task, which I did, and this is the blog you are reading from.

Following that, we were taught how to price our products and/or services. Despite your skills being a hobby at first, it was now a business and you needed to treat it as such and therefore, get paid. We had to also reflect on the what, why, and how your business was going to be unique. We needed to write what was being offered and how people would get in touch with us. I started panicking at the thought of going public (like really panicking), and that’s when it went downhill for me. I’ll explain later.

Last but not least, the class was about announcing your business and preparing for the official launch. I listened, took notes as usual, but by that time, I found myself completely stuck. My fears had completely paralyzed me by this point, and I could not proceed with the homework. As usual, I felt like I failed cause I couldn’t finish.

Now, why did I come so close to finishing only to stop? I am SCARED!!!

Anyone who knows me will be very confused at this statement, but also anyone who knows me realizes that what I have been through over the past couple of years has brought me to this point. Depression, fear, and perfectionism have all caused this extreme blockage, which I fight constantly to break through.

to be continued…


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