To co-wash or not to co-wash?

Normally, I don’t like the idea of co-washing. There has been so much debate about it that I’ve wondered if it was really helpful to your hair.

Well, i decided for MYSELF that it has its benefits. For example, I wash my hair once a week to every 2 weeks. However, there are the in-between times where my hair (or should I say my scalp) just feels itchy (not from product build-up) and dry. So what I do is a co-wash, or more like a conditioner rinse.

I step into the shower, and let the water through my entire head and “rinse” it out as well as giving myself a scalp massage . Then I apply a small amount of conditioner, mostly for slip, let it sit while i continue on the other sections (usually my hair is separated in 3 to 4 sections) and then i go back to each section and proceed to de-tangle.

Once I get out the shower, I apply my leave in, and hair butter/cream, and braid into a protection style. My hair ends up looking fresh and clean for another week.

My hair in protective braids after “co-rinsing”


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